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In Pursuit of Patient-Centered Care: 3 PathwaysHow we can play an active role in enhancing patient care.
Cancer Moonshot: Already Off-Course?Absent from the Cancer Moonshot steering panel are representatives from three core specialties present at nearly every tumor board-- pathology, radiology, and radiation oncology.
It's Lab Week: Here's How to Recognize Each Other This week is Lab Week, where we make a focused effort to recognize and thank all you, our pathologist colleagues, and lab staff for your contributions to patient care.
Pathology Puzzles: Engage with Pathologists Worldwide to Diagnose CasesRegistration is now available for Pathology Puzzles, an online platform for professional pathologist's discussion, specifically about pathology cases.
When Cancer is No Longer CancerA recently published study discusses re-evaluation of a certain type of thyroid lesion. The appearance of the tumor hasn't changed, just our understanding of its behavior. Similar re-evaluations have arisen or may arise in dealing with lesions in the bladder, prostate and breast.