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Viral Mehta


As a CAP staff member, Viral has been with the CAP since 2016 and was initially part of the IS Strategy team before transitioning to be the staff lead for the Information Technology Leadership Committee (ITLC). As the staff lead of the ITLC Viral is responsible for operational elements of running this committee and its project teams so that the ITLC – in conjunction with staff stakeholders - meets the CAP Board’s expectation of proving guidance on member-facing technologies, overseeing IS strategy, and keeping the Board informed on technology trends and their implications for the CAP.


Viral lives on Chicago’s north shore with his wife, two kids, and four guinea pigs (who have the dining table surrounded at all times). When not working, Viral spends his time fixing things his kids break. On rare occasions when there is nothing to fix, Viral takes refuge in his wood working workshop, enjoys gardening,  brings out the wrenches to keep his trusted Saab alive, or is plotting a trip to the mountains around Cusco.